DCC in S Scale Model Railroading

The goal of this website is to share information and experience regarding implementing DCC in an S Scale environment. The focus will be installing DCC and DCC sound decoders into a variety of S scale locomotives. I'll try to fill in other pieces of the puzzle as time, interest and ability allow! This page is meant to be an overview of and map to all the DCC information as I post it. Not all links are active yet.

Lenz Intro is an introduction to Lenz DCC products in the context of S scale modeling.

Lenz DCC Primer is a set of pages to help S scalers understand DCC using Lenz products.

Why Use DCC?
How Does DCC Work?
What Do I Need to Get Started?
How Do I Install DCC in My Locomotives?
How About Gilbert American Flyer?
What's Programming?
How Does DCC Compare to Other Systems?

S-Helper Servoce Locomotives


Complete Train Sets with Lenz Set-100 Included

Quick Start (comes with complete sets)

Information on installing and using DCC in SHS Locomotives

Installing DCC control and sound in an SW-9/NW-2

Installing a Lenz Gold-JST decoder in an SW-9
Programming a Lenz Gold-JST in an SW-9/NW-2
Adding sound using a SoundTraxx DSX decoder
Replacing a "No DCC" board in an SW-9

Programming an SW-9 with the Gold-JST/DSX combination

Detail of Programming on Main (POM) (Operations Mode)
Detail on Programming on the Programming Track (service Mode)

Using a Gold-JST for motor drive in an F3/F7 B unit (no more MU cables!)

Installing DCC in American Models Locomotives

American Models Northern

Coupler Corner for S Scale
This isn't specifically DCC related, but once you have the fantastic slow running capabilities of DCC, you may want to consider more scale-like couplers.

Scale Coupler Overview
Scale or AF Couplers?
Which Scale Coupler?
Step-by-step Installation
Scale Coupler Chart

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