Programming the SW-9/NW-2 with Gold-JST and DSX Decoders Overview

This page will describe programming the Lenz Gold-JST and DSX decoders when both installed in an SW-9/NW-2.

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Overview If your SW-9 or NW-2 has a Lenz Gold-JST decoder for motor and light control, and a SoundTraxx DSX decoder for sound, the programming is slightly more complex than with a single decoder.

Programming on the programming track
The simplest way is to remove the hatch that the stacks are mounted on, and lift out the connector underneath. This connector is the left track connection to the DSX decoder. If you unplug it, and place the loco on the programming track, you will be able to program the Lenz motor/lights decoder. If you remove the programming lead from the left rail and connect it to the plug, you will program the DSX sound decoder. I connect my programming track with clipleads, which makes it easy. If your programming track is permanent, just insulate the left wheels with a piece of paper, and run a clip lead from the left rail to the plug. Nothing to it!

Programming on the mainline (POM)
If you want to program on the mainline, for anything except start/midrange/top speed or acceleration/deceleration, you need to follow a slightly more complicated procedure, shown below. Remember, you can do all programming on the programming track by using the procedure above. The advantages of POM are you don't need to remove the loco from the track, you don't need to remove the hatch, and you can immediately test changes (such as volume) without moving back and forth between the mainline and programming track.

If you bought the locomotive from us with the decoders already installed, or you installed them yourself as described in the article InstallingDCC Sound in the SHS SW-9/NW-2, then the Gold-JST should have a short address of 3 assigned, and the DSX should have a short address of 4. Both decoders should have a long address set the same, normally the road number of the locomotive. The long address should be active in both decoders.

If the short address of the 2 decoders are the same, or if you want to change either short address or the long address, then you will need to use the programming track. Neither address can be changed using POM (programming on the main).

All other Configuration Variables (CVs) can be changed in operations mode, using POM. Since the Gold-JST and DSX use some of the same CVs for different purposes, it is wise to only program one decoder at a time. The exception would be if you want to change CVs 2-6 on the Gold-JST, these will have no effect on the DSX.

The steps to change a CV on one of the decoders using POM:

  1. Select the locomotive (using the long address)
  2. Using POM, set CV29 to 2. This makes the short address active on both decoders
  3. Select the short address of the decoder you want to configure (3 for Gold-JST, 4 for DSX)
  4. Using POM, set the CV you want to configure
  5. Set CV 29 to 38, to make the long address active again.
  6. Select the other decoder
  7. Using POM, set CV 29 to 38

For more detail on this method, plus an example, click here.


Updated 8/18/2005

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