Alaska II Wednesday

Wednesday, September 19

This picture is actually from last night. We all gathered in Carl's room to relax and de-brief, and for Bill to post the day's journal.

We were down to breakfast at 8:00 AM, but for some reason we didn't get on the road until 10. Carl likes to gas up first thing in the morning so our first stop was 2 minutes down the road. The weather is very warm this morning, the chilly mornings are over, at least for a while. Bright sunshine, probably around 80, a beautiful day!

We're heading back to Lima today, to check in with Aunt Doris, and pick up Carol's sister Joane. We'll head out again tomorrow morning for a 3 day trip to southwest Ohio. Joane will ride with Dick.

The riding isn't quite as spectacular today as yesterday, but we are travelling through very pretty farm land on excellent roads with great company!

About 11:15 Carol wants to stop for a stretch, so we pull into a gas station with a store and eatery attached. Carl finds they have hot dogs, so he scoops one up. Carol and Dick spot a piece of Cherry pie and a piece of apple pie, so we have a nice coffee break!

We actually make it to Lima by about 2:00PM, so we headed over to Kewpees for lunch. This is an old-fashioned Hamburger shop, famous in Lima. A bunch of us had lunch there after the Lima Reunion. It was great to go back!

After Kewpees, we visited the Allen County Museum in Lima.

These are hand-made models of several mansions in Lima. Beautiful workmanship.

Bill is waiting for a train in the station waiting room.

Joe is a docent at the museum, and a real enthusiast! He has a lot of knowledge about the exhibits, and loves to share it.

This is Noah's Ark. Joe ran it for us, and it is fascinating! There is lightning for the storm, then a raven comes out looking for land. Finally a dove comes out, picks up an olive branch, and

We picked up Joane from Aunt Doris' place, and headed over to a Chinese Restaurant. It was an excellent meal, and the perfect end to a great day!


Mileage, 125.