Alaska II Thursday

Thursday, September 20

We got off to a relaxed start today. After breakfast at the Super 8, Carl and Bill did laundry. When we got to Carol's she was finishing packing. Carol stayed up late last night planning today's route, and it really paid off!

The first stop was at Lima Harley Davidson, so that Carl could get some oil to add to his Harley. It's a very modern, spacious, clean and friendly dealership, and we all enjoyed looking it over.

The weather was beautiful again today, and the roads were great! It turns out that Ohio is a fine place to ride a motorcycle. Once again, traffic was almost nonexistent!

We stopped at a Taco Bell for lunch. Dick was very happy!

Mac-O-Chee Castle, built in 1879. Unfortunately it wasn't open today, as the inside is supposed to be spectacular!

We stopped for drinks, cookies, and chips at Mumford's in Urbana. They are famous for their home made potato chips, and they were great!

Those roads were dynamite!

Dinner was at Bob Evans in Hillsborough. Carl likes to tease the waitresses, and they usually give as good as they get!

Carol ordered a fruit plate, and shared it with all of us.

We stayed at the Day's Inn in Hillsborough.

Mileage, 181.