The morning after our kickoff meeting, on Friday, July 21, we traveled to Plymouth, MA, to visit a replica of the original Mayflower, called the Mayflower II. There were a number of displays set up on the dock alongside the ship telling about shipboard life in the 1600's.
Dan and one of his twins
Helen and Nathan

Tara, Mikayla and Heather
Heather and friend

We were then able to go aboard the ship and wander through its various compartments to get a feel for what it must have been like for the Pilgrims who spent about two months aboard crossing the Atlantic. This was after having lived aboard for several months due to a couple of false starts. Since they arrived late in the year they continued to live on the ship until spring.

Dick and Daniel


Heather, Pilgrim, Nathan

The Mayflower was a small ship and clearly must have provided extremely cramped and uncomfortable accommodations for the approximately 130 people on board. As we toured the ship staff members, some in period dress and acting their parts, described shipboard life and the operation of the ship as well as providing history of events leading up to the voyage and following the arrival in the New World.

Kelly, Joan, Carol, Ruthie, staff and Scott

Joan, Carol and Kelly

Ruthie, Kathy, Nathan and Tara

Scott, Sarah and Ruthie

Rick, Winona and Bob

Scott, Katie and Dan

Ruthie, Tara, Helen, Mikayla, Kathy, Nathan

Nathan, Daniel, Samantha, Tara and twin
Sarah and Mikayla

Our visit to the Mayflower II was interesting and educational and, hopefully, enjoyed by all who attended!

Layout and text by Dick Clark. Pictures by Kathy Clark, Dick Clark, and Helen Lenart