Great Alaska Motorcycle Trip

Monday 9/11/06

Day two! Today's ride is Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, Flagstaff, along the south rim of the Grand Canyon, to Cameron. The weather was beautiful today! We left Sedona about 8 AM, rode past some incredible scenery in the Sedona area. Unbelievable red rock formations. We passed the camp where Dick and Brenda and Bob, Eric and Corinne stay for a week most summers. Then the ride through Oak Creek Canyon was fantastic, with more switchbacks.

Dick and Carl with the bikes in the parking lot at oak Creek Canyon.

This is a beautiful place!

This is the view down the valley.

It turned out we could see some of the road we had just been on from the lookout. So Dick and I rode back down and up while Carl photographed us with his telephoto lens. This was a dynamite road!

Carl ran into some tarantula problems while he was lying on the ground photographing us, but he'll have to tell you about that.

We continued on into Flagstaff, where we had breakfast at Denny's at about 10:30 AM. We all had the Breakfast "extreme Slam". These big breakfasts became something of a habit.

After breakfast we cruised into Valle, where the Arizona branch of the Planes of Fame is located.

This plane is the Lockheed Constellation "Bataan" which was used during the Berlin Airlift. It was then outfitted for and used by General MacArthur during the Korean war.

We got a tour through the constellation, which was interesting and fun. Here is the navigation area.

This is MacArthur's airborne "office".

There were several interesting planes, a classic Packard, and some models. This is a Grumman Duck. All in all a very enjoyable museum for guys like us. I won't bore you with pictures of all the planes.

We then continued on to the south rim of the Grand Canyon, where I got my Golden Age Passport!

It's impossible to do justice to the Grand Canyon on film, so I'll just show you us enjoying it!

We stopped at 3 or 4 overlooks, including Desert View. weather, scenery, and company was perfect! We had a snack at the canteen at Desert View, then on to Cameron for our motel. It was a nice place on the Navajo Reservation, most of the staff were Navajo. We had supper at the motel restaurant, then early to bed.

Total milage for Monday, 173 miles.

Click here to see our Itinerary, and some Maps of the trip.

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