Great Alaska Motorcycle Trip

Here are the maps for the Great Alaska Motorcycle Trip! They are all fairly large, so if you have a slow line be patient! Click on the overview map to see it full size, or on the links below to see the daily maps.

With all maps, Internet Explorer will decrease the size to make it fit. Click the lower right corner of the map to make it full size.

Day 1 Sunday 9/10 Dick's house to Sedona

Day 2 Monday 9/11 Sedona to Cameron

Day 3 Tuesday 9/12 Cameron to Zion

Day 4 Wednesday 9/13 Zion to Torrey

Day 5 Thursday 9/14 Torrey to Bluff

Day 6 Friday 9/15 Bluff to Chambers

Day 7 Saturday 9/16 Chambers to Phoenix