Train ride 9:30 -1:00. Short ride in afternoon.

We said goodbye to Margaret and Roger last night, as we would have to leave before breakfast this morning. We really enjoyed sharing the trip with the Marsh's, they are wonderful people and absolutely great traveling companions!

We decided to use the van to travel to the train in Etohwah, about 30 minutes away. That would save time since we wouldn't have to put on all the mc gear, and secure it at the train site. We left the Lodge at 7:30, and found a nice little restaurant in Etowah, Scotty's.

We boarded the train, the Hiwassee River Rail Adventure, at about 9:30.

It turned out to be a really good ride. The sun was out, the scenery was great. Very, very pleasant!

We toured the restored 1906 L&N Depot after the ride. It was well worth seeing, but we didn't take any pictures.

We found a great little restaurant, the Farmhouse, for lunch. The staff was very friendly and we had a good meal and a good time.

By the time we got back to the Lodge, got the bikes out, and were ready for our ride it was 4:40. So we repeated out trip to the Field of the Wood. This time the sun was out, and it was a great ride over the twisty roads. We took a very narrow turnoff just to see where it went, and it curved through the country for several miles eventually coming back onto Rt68.

We came out at the Ironsburg Methodist Church, where Carol's friend Carol and John worship. Brenda noticed the name of the pastor, so it seemed worthy of a photo.

Once again, the Fields of the Wood was an inspiring place. We climbed the Mountain of Prayer, so we also got some good exercise.

Once again we were to late for ribs at the Lodge, returning at 7:30. So we went to the Tellico Diner for a fine dinner, and the official completion on Alaska VI!