Wednesday Lost Sea (rain day)

Had another fine continental breakfast at the lodge, then headed out on Rt 64 South. We actually hit the road about 9:45.

The forecast was for showers all day, so we decided to take our rain day. This was planned to include the underground caverns and shopping. We arrived (by car) at Lost Sea Adventure mid-morning.

Margaret, Bob, Brenda, Cally, Joane

Bob. These are cans of food stored in the cave, but I've fogotten why!

Bill, Carol, Joane

Margaret. Brenda in back.

Bill, Roger, Carol

At the end of the caves is the underground sea. We loaded up in a boat for a tour.

This is our genial and attractive guide, Jennifer. She said that her grandfather was one of the original workers opening up the caves, but he didn't believe anyone would pay to see them so he never invested in it.

They stock the underground lake with about 400 brook trout each year, mostly for the entertainment value. Every boat feeds the fish, annd the fish are ready for it!

While the rest of our crew enjoyed shopping in ?, Joane, Carol, Roger and myself drove to the Strikers Premium Winery.

We had a good time sampling the various wines, and making our selections.

After meeting back at the lodge, we had some time to relax before gathering for a home cooked pot roast dinner prepared by our hosts, Ann and Walt, It was a fine meal, topped off be the usual stories and general good fellowship of this group. All-in-all a graet day!