Tuesday Ocoee Scenic Byway

Brian, Grace and Bob joined us for breakfast at the lodge (Bob took the picture). The weather was very marginal early, so we didn't hurry breakfast, but spent a considerable time swapping stories. It was really a lot of fun!

Walking back to the cabins we got soaked in a pretty heavy rain storm, so we decided to wait it out. Margaret and Brenda porchin' it.

Finally it cleared, so we got ready to go. Brian's crew were heading to Nashville, so we watched them load up. Cueball enjoys riding on the bike, but as soon as they stop he wants the goggles off!

Heading out for Ocoee

The scenic byway runs beside the Ocoee River. The scenery is beautiful, and the road is fun with lots of sweeping turns.

Near Ducktown we visited the OcoeeWhitewater Center, home to the 1996 Olympic kayak races.

This was another excellent all-day ride, over great roads with fantastic family and friends!