Monday Three major rides, loop
Cherohala Skyway
Deals Gap/ Tail of the Dragon
Foothills Parkway

We met for breakfast at Lodge at 8 AM. They had an excellent breakfast buffet, and we had our own room! Roger, Cally, Bill, Joane, Brenda, Margaret.

We headed out about 10 AM. The first "Motorcycle Road" of the trip is the "Tail of the Dragon".

Deal's Gap is at one end of the Dragon (for us the finish). There were lots of bikes and riders there, and it was good to take a break and talk about the ride we just had.

Margaret and Roger relaxing.

Hard to know what to say about this!

Even harder with this! I keep my cowboy hat in the luggage box so that I can wear it at stops.

The weather held for us: forecast was for showers, but we never had a problem. Temps in the high 70s. We started about 10AM, got back at 6. A terrific day! We tried a differnt restaurant this time, the Nut-N-Fancy. We were waiting for our orders to arrive when Brian and Grace showed up! They, along with friends Peg and Bob, and had dinner with us, then I hung out in the game room with them for a while. It was really great seeing Brian and Grace again!