Sunday - Fields in the Wood

We had breafast at the Super 8, and were on the road by 8:15. Got to Brenda and Bob's hotel right on schedule, at 10:30. Picked them up along with their luggage, and headed over to the bike shop, Smoky Mountain Harley Davidson, Where Bob picked up his rental Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic. Carol bought sun glasses and gloves, Brenda bought a couple of tee shirts, and Roger got some transmission fluid. After checkout on the Harley for bob, he and Brenda piled on and we continued to the Lodge at Tellico Plains, which will be GHQ for the week. We got there around 1:00, just in time for lunch! It was excellent!

Bob helped me unload the bikes, then we all saddled up for our first ride!

We have a new Bluetooth communication system. Before setting out on our ride, we gathered in Brenda and Bob'e room to set up and test the system. This turned out to be hilarious!

The system allows each person to have 3 "friends". You make a friend by having the 2 radios pair (connect to each other). The complication is that the last radio you paired with is your first friend. Trying to get all three units with the correct friends requires some deep thought and concentration! We ended up taking what we got!

Once we got the headsets figured out, we headed out for our first ride, to Fields in the Wood Bible Park. Here we are arriving after a very pleasant 30 mile ride through the countryside.

Bill, Brenda, Bob, Roger, Carol.

This is "Ten Commandments Mountain". Not really a mountain, but a pretty steep hill with 374 steps to the top. Bob climbed them, the rest of us rode up the access road.

This is an inspiring place, and made an excellent first destination for Alaska 6. We actually ended up here 3 times over the week, and enjoyed it each time. Its a very family oriented place, and it felt really good. Round trip was about 60 miles, we got back just before dark.

After parking the bikes in the garage, we set out in Joane's car looking for supper. Seems everything in Tellico Plains is pretty well shut down by 7PM Sunday evening! We did find a small restaurant that was open until 8, we arrived at 7:58. We got a fine southern greeting, and a very good full meal. Sunday was a great first day!