Alaska III Tuesday 9/16/08

Updated 10/13/08 Fixed missing pictures

We met for breakfast at 7:00AM this morning. We walked across the street to a Denny's, where we got some serious cholesterol! An All-American Slam is a great way to start the day!

Carol was having a little difficulty flexing her ankle to shift into higher gear, so we made a small adjustment to the shifter. She was really happy with the result.

Then brush our teeth and do the final packing, and on the road!

We headed up Route 101, which is mostly along the coast.

We stopped at Solvang, which is a (fake) Danish town. They did have some great pastry, however, and we pigged out pretty well!

Carol met a nice Danish girl in the pastry shop.


Morro Bay

Dinner was at a restaurant having a spectacular view of the Big Sur.

Then on to the motel in the waning daylight.

We arrived at a Motel 6 in San Simeon at about 5:15. We had dinner at a mexican restaurant across the street, it was very good. Then we settled down to some computer work in the motel room. Carol got a shot of me processing today's pictures, while Anker updates the expense spreadsheet.



Mileage today 186 miles.