Alaska III Thursday

Once again there was a Denny's across the street from the hotel, so we walked over there for breakfast at 7:00AM. Carol ate all heathy things this time, the guys had a great breakfast!

We started East on 101, planning to get off on 156. Based on a small error, we ended up on a dead end. It was a nice little ride though, here we are turning around.

The first part of the ride was on divided 4-lane freeway. There wasn't too much traffic so we just kind of buzzed along. After awhile, however, it turned into a 2-lane road through some pretty nice scenery.

Dick has been having some trouble starting his BMW on this trip. We aren't quite sure what the problem is, but Anker has been acting as his "automatic self-starter"!

Carl found a Taco Bell in Merced for lunch.

We had a 50 or so mile ride down 140, which was pretty open and flat for a while, but became hilly and twisty as we approached the Yosemite area.

We hit the motel, the Mariposa Inn, about 2:30PM, a very early finish! So I'm posting this, then we'll take a ride over to look at the park before supper.

Mileage today 165 miles.