Alaska III Saturday

Update 10/13: Fixed missing pictures, added some text. Click on pictures to see full size.

We had breakfast at Apple Annie's next to the hotel. It was excellent as usual. We are eating well on this trip!

Dick's BMW turned 1000,000 miles! Still looks and runs like new!

Anker has been leading the last couple of days to take advantage of Karen's directions. (Karen is the Australian girl in my GPS). This made it tougher for him to take pictures of us riding! You'll need to click on this picture to enlarge it, to see us in the rear view mirror!

We had a fruit oriented snack (which turned out to be lunch) at a the Murray Family Farm. An interesting place. This would be a great place to take my grand-kids, except for the 3000 mile trip to get there!

Carl found this black widow in the chair next to us. He removed it from the chair, but did not kill it. Not sure why!

Dick had trouble starting his bike. We believe the issue is that the carburetors were set too lean as a result of the Arizona Emissions Test. Dick takes the BMW to the bike shop every year at emissions test time. They set the carbs VERY lean, and turn the idle way up, so he can limp over to the inspection station and get passed. Then he heads back to the shop, where they tune it so it will actually run. But we think they left it too lean this time.

Anyway, Anker took over starting the bike for Dick, as he could give it the series of mammoth kicks required to get it running.

We visited with old friend Peter Perius at his ranch in Palmdale. Peter has a large collection of old cars, tractors, motorcycles, and memoriabilia. Plus lamas, horses, turkeys and a couple of dogs. We don't get to see Peter very often these days, so it was great to visit him.


We stayed at a Best Western motel in Cajon Pass, on route 138. Supper at Subway. Actually, we bought sandwiches, chips and cookies at Subway, and ate in the motel breakfast room. Worked out well.

Mileage today 216 miles.