Alaska III Post-Trip

Although the Alaska III Motorcycle Trip is officially over, there is still a little matter of everyone getting home! We had a nice breakfast with Linda and Mike Monday morning, while Carl drove Anker to the Airport. We really enjoyed the time we spent with Linda and Mike, they are great people!

Monday 9/22

After breakfast we converted the van back to its motorcycle carrier configuration, and installed my BMW for its long ride back to Chelmsford. We then hitched up the trailer, and loaded Carol and Dick's bikes. Then back on the road, leaving about 10:30. We took I5, 55, 91, and 60 to I10. Leaving in the middle of the morning there were no traffic issues, and we had a pleasant ride. We stopped just short of Indio for gas and a satisfying lunch at a Taco Bell. Then on to Phoenix, arriving at Rick and Winona's about 6:30. The fed us a wonderful pot roast dinner, with TWO of my favorite desserts, Lemon Fluff and Mint Chocolate Cake. What a welcome! We crawled into Dick's place about midnight, tired, happy, and well fed!

Tuesday 9/23

We are on the way home! We needed to take Dick's bike off the trailer and move Carol's to the middle rail. I wanted to change my oil in the van, so Dick and I went shopping for a filter and oil. By the time I finished the change (the van has a canister oil filter, takes a lot longer to change (and a lot messier) than spin-on filters). it was lunch time so Carol made us tuna sandwiches. We were on the road around 3PM!

Once out of Phoenix traffic we had a great ride through the mountains. We took the scenic route out Shea Boulevard, then north on 87 (past our annual shooting site) to 260, through Payson, Heber, and Holbrook, to I40. Really a nice ride, with minimal traffic. We stopped for the night at Chambers Arizona, on the Navajo Reservation. Stayed at the Chieftain Inn, where Dick, Carl and I stayed on the last night of Alaska I. Had a nice supper in the attached restaurant, to finish up a great day! Mileage 229.

Wednesday 9/24

Started about 8:15. after a great breakfast at the Chieftain Restaurant. Stayed in a Super 8 in Elk City, OK, arriving about 9:30PM (we lost another hour entering the Central time zone). Mileage 612

Thursday 9/25

Slept in! We didn't get on the road until about 9:15. Another very nice ride today across Oklahoma and into Missouri. Weather was beautiful. Roads good, and light traffic except Oklahoma City. A truck dropped some large, I think metallic object right in front of me at about 65 MPH. Looked to be a cylinder, maybe 4" in diameter and 3 feet long. Went right under the middle of the van, and there was a major bump. Everything continued to work, so we continued on. I looked under the van when we got to the motel, and couldn't see any damage. I'll make a more through inspection when I get home.

We found a brand new (12 weeks old!), very luxurious Super 8 in Rolla, MO, about 100 miles short of St Louis. That leaves about 520 miles for tomorrow. We had dinner in what also seems to be a new Shoney's, great meal. Mileage today, 495.

Friday 9/26

Arrived back in Lima about 7:30PM. Good ride. Joane had meatloaf and corn on the cob for us. Talked until midnight!

Milage 620.

Saturday 9/27

Unloaded Carol's bike after breakfast, prepared van for ride home. Visited Aunt Doris. Left about 3PM. Drove until about 10:30PM, stayed at Super 8 Batavia. Milage 406.

Sunday 9/28

Super 8 breakfast (actually I had my Raisin Bran and Bran Buds as usual) about 7:00. On the road around 7:45. Good ride, occasional rain, no problem. Light traffic until Massachusetts, but not a real issue even then. Good home about 3. Great to be home!

Milage 467