Alaska III Friday

We liked the Miner's Inn Restaurant so much for dinner last night, we came back this morning for breakfast! Again, it was excellent!

We decided that since we had visited Yosemite yesterday evening, and time was a little short, that we would skip it this morning and instead head to Sequoia National Park.

This picture was taken when we stopped to do a "run by" video. I'm having trouble posting the video, but if I can figure it out it will appear just below.


What a great day! The roads leading to Sequoia were great motorcycle roads, with lots of curves and great scenery. Then we started climbing! My poor old BMW was really working as we climbed to 7000 feet in a few miles. The switchbacks and drop offs were amazing!

Entering Sequoia. I asked the lady in the booth if my Golden Eagle card would work for the other 3 motorcycles. She asked why I would think that, and I told her that the ranger at Yosemite had told me that. "Oh, Yosemite! Don't talk to me about Yosemite! Those guys are always telling people the wrong thing!". But she let us all in on the one card!

We had a nice lunch at the lodge in King's Canyon. Our waitress Chyenne was a real character! Carol ordered the diet special lunch with apple pie a la mode for dessert!

There is a long, windy road through Sequoia. There was a forest fire burning, and we saw lots of fire equipment, plus airplanes. We saw lots of smoke, but no flames.

The world's largest tree, the General Sherman sequoia is a .4 hike off the road, so we hiked down to see it. It was a STEEP hike back up, especially at 7000 feet! I got way behind in my breathing!

There seemed to be an endless succession of some of the tightest switchbacks I've ever seen leaving the park. We also encountered a bear in the road at one point, we were happy he decided to scurry off.

We continued on to Visalia and another Motel 6 for the night. A local at the motel recommended the Brown Bear Diner for supper, and it was great.

This was a truly excellent day of riding and some of the most spectacular scenery I've ever seen!

Mileage today 241 miles.