Alaska III (California)

On the road again! It's time for our yearly motorcycle trip!

The reason the trips are called "Alaska" is documented on the GreatAlaska Motorcycle Trip page. Suffice to say the trips don't actually include Alaska (at least yet).

This year, the motorcycle part of the trip will start in San Juan Capistrano (where Carl lives), head up the Pacific Coast Highway to Monterey and Hearst Castle. We'll then head over to Yosemite. The details after that are are still fuzzy, but we will end up back at Carl's after a week. The trip is planne for 7 days and about 1200 miles.

I've moved all of the pre-trip activities to the PreTrip page. This includes my trip to Carol's, continuing to Phoenix, then on to Carl's in California. The trip back to Phoenix, then to Lima, and finally Chelmsford is on the PostTrip page.

Update 9/23: The Alaska III Motorcycle trip has been successfully completed! Once again we had a wonderful time, with some great motorcycle riding, spectacular scenery, unbeliveably windy roads through the mountains, and a lot of time to be together and enjoy our time together. When he proposed Alaska I in 2006, Carl set the tone by saying he didn't really care where or how far we went, the important thing was to spend the time together. That trip was just Carl, my brother Dick, and myself. It was absolutely wonderful. The next year, for Alaska II, we added my cousin Carol, and centered on her home in Lima, Ohio. For the second half of that trip we added her sister Joan, as a passenger in the chase car. This year, Joan was not able to come, as she is tending their mother Aunt Doris, but we added our friend Anker Berg-Sonne. Anker is a very close friend of Carl and myself, and my family considers both Anker and Carl as much loved and respected family members. Anker drove the chase vehicle (extremely well, I might add) and was a fantastic addition to the trip. And, although they didn't actually make the trip with us, Carl's sister Linda and her husband Mike were a big part of Alaska III. They made us feel right at home the weekend before and day after the trip, and took care of us like family. They are wonderful people!

Carl did the planning for Alaska III, and took responsibility for making sure we had a great time. He did an absolutely outstanding job! Alaska III will be tough to top next year!

Update 9/29: Everyone is safely home, and in fact Dick is on the road again for his fall New England trip! I need to add a lot of detail and some more pictures to the site, and need input from Carol, Carl, Anker and Dick as well. I hope to do that over the next couple of weeks.

Update 10/13: Fixed missing pictures on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Note that you can click on pictures on the pages to see them full size.

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