Alaska II (Sunday)

Sunday, September 16

On the road at last! The guys had a big (free) breakfast at the motel, then rolled over to Carol's. She was finishing up her packing. The weather is bright, crisp, and clear! Maybe a little too crisp, it's only 60 with a forecasted high of 68. So we put on some extra layers and head out about 10:48. Carol led the pack through downtown Lima, which was quiet and very pretty on a Sunday morning. We want to avoid freeways as much as possible, so we take state route 81 over to Ada. This is a very nice road through beautiful farmland with no traffic. At Ada we turn North on SR 235. This is another great road, superb condition, beautiful rural scenery, and no traffic.

At Bowling Green we stopped at Snook's Dream Cars. This is a great little museum with about 2 dozen cars, and a lot of automotive memorabilia. Well worth a visit. It's set up like a gas station from the 30's.

Dick found a Whizzer similar to one he owned in the late 40s. This one is in very good shape!

Carol was intriqued with this mini Ford fairlane. It looked like it was built from real body parts cut down, and mounted on a golf cart.

Carl selected a Jaguar XKE.

Bill thought he might like cruising around in an Auburn Speedster!

Continuing north, we picked up SR105 which winds along the Portage river to Port Clinton on Lake Erie.

We followed SR163 all the way to Marblehead. This is a little park just past Marblehead Lighthouse (which me missed). We stopped for some munchies, and enjoyed the view over Lake Erie. After a few pictures, we continued on to Sandusky and the Maples Motel.

As always, Joan at Maples Motel welcomed us as family. She gave Bill the keys to the Rambler even before he got his room key! After unloading the bikes, we all piled into the Rambler and drove to TGI Friday for a great steak dinner! An outstanding first day! Total, 170 miles.