Alaska II Saturday

Saturday, September 22

It was overcast and chilly when we were packing to leave. The breakfast at the motel was quite good, and we enjoyed it very much. We had gassed up late yesterday, so didn't need to stop for our normal morning fill up. We were on the road about 9:45.

First stop was at Clifton Mills. A group of 19 motorcycles had stopped by, and Bill's BMW was a big hit. Carl's Harley was very jealous!

This is an old gas station that they use as a toy museum. They do a major display every Christmas, with 3.5 million lights, a miniature village with trains, 7000 Santas and many other decorations. A cool place!

Although we were a little early, we decided to make this the lunch stop. It was excellent!

We then stopped a couple of miles down the road at Clifton Gorge.

We decided to get a look at the Gorge up close and personal. There is a hiking path with lots of rocks, roots, etc to stumble over.

Unfortunately, Dick stumbled over one of those rocks and got very up close and personal with the trail. He actually went face first into a bunch of rocks, and skinned himself up pretty good. Very fortunately, he was not injured badly. After lying on the ground for a few minutes to assess the situation, he was able to get up and walk back out under his own power. We went to a local urgent care facility (Joane taking over the driving of the Matrix) and Dick got checked out and patched up.

The doctor suggested we take Dick to Young's Dairy as a reward for the way he handled the situation. This is a great ice cream shop!

They have a real assembly line thing going! We got our ice cream very quickly!

They have picnic tables in the shade. Extremely pleasant!

Here we are back at Carol's, all safe, satisfied, and happy!

Carol and Joane whipped up a great final meal!


Mileage, 180.

Total Trip Miles 1120

Sunday Morning we spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out how to calculate our financial obligations to one another. Once done, we paused to take stock of this wonderful trip together. The already existing friendship and camaraderie has grown substantially as a result ot this trip. We are now looking forward to many more trips where we can continue to enjoy each others company and fellowship.

This trip was 7 days and 1120 miles. We all leaned a lot about Ohio and its history and have been been surprised at all that Ohio has to offer.

Carol planned this entire trip and also took the role as leader. She did a fabulous job and we were able to just relax and go. What a host!

With the exception of Dick's injury, the trip was a very safe trip and we are one and all very greatful of that. Dick seems to be no worse for the wear and we will all be leaving for our respective homes or next locations with fond memories of these times together.