Alaska II Monday

Monday, September 17

We met a very nice couple from Ontario at the Maples. Margaret and Roger Marsh are traveling around Lake Erie. They own a Harley, but are using their car on this trip. They joined us for breakfast at Lemmy's.

We had a great waitress, and the whole thing was a wonderful experience.

After breakfast we started south. The first few miles were on Rt 2, a 3 lane limited access road, but soon we were on SR 250, a nice 2 lane road through the farm land. As we got down towards the Amish Country, the land became hilly and even more beautiful.

Unfortunately, the handling on the BMW started to deteriorate. Examination showed that there was a slow leak on the rear tire. Fortunately, Dick had a tire gauge with him which helped diagnose the problem, and Carol had a book with her that listed bike shops in Ohio.

So here we are at the BMW dealer in Wooster, writing up the service order.

While waiting, Bill tries on a new BMW. Carl looks on dubiously.

Carol, on the other hand, looks great on the BMW!

Since it was about 4:30 by the time Bill's bike was done, we decided to stay in Wooster for the night. Bill is working studiously and industriously at this web site, while his mean cousin takes a candid shot showing just how well he has been eating on this trip!

Mileage, 103.