Alaska II Friday

Friday, September 21

Here we are getting our usual late start! we met for breakfast at our usual 8:00AM. The Day's Inn had a pretty good breakfast, featuring waffles. By the time we were ready to go it was after 9:30, then we stopped for gas before getting on the road.

This morning was mostly the Appalachian Highway, which is a 4 lane divided highway. We stopped for a stretch after a few miles, and Dick broke out his new tripod to document the event. Again, the weather was perfect. We have been very fortunate to enjoy beautiful weather every day so far.

This is the Appalachian Highway, The scenery is really nice, but after a hundred miles or so we were glad to get off.

About 8 miles off the highway we visited Serpent Mound. Click on the picture so you can read the plaque.

They had a spindly structure that you could climb to view the mound. Joane and I are looking down while Carol, Dick and Carl are looking up. Carl decided he liked the feel of the ground and did not ascend.

This is the view from the tower, The mound is the brownish part. It was very hard to catch in a picture.

We stopped at this general store for a cool drink. This has some history with Carol and Kelly but I forget what. I'll have to check with Carol.

The afternoon ride was on some of the best roads of the trip. Up and down hills, S curves, great scenery, we had it all! Ohio is a great place to ride a bike. And we met and passed a lot of motorcyclists today.

Here Bill is back at his post, updating the website. We went out to Ponderosa Steak House for dinner. Another great day!

We stayed at the Comfort Inn in Circleville.

Mileage, 210.